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Tag on 24.Jan16

Take these Chains 02.Nov15

Tears on a Highway 07.Sep14

Teddyboy 07.Sep14

Tell the World 24.Jul17

That`s Country 04.Nov19

The Belle of Liverpool 04.Feb13

The Bucket 25.Feb18

The Flute 29.Jul13
The Galway Gathering 16.Apr18 Wdh.

The Gambler 14.Dez14 Wdh.

The Island 27.Nov17
The One for Me Paartanz 13.Jul14

The Trail 26.Apr15 Wdh.

Thinking Country 01.April19
This & That 20.März16 Wdh.

This Is The Life

This is the right Time 30.Mär15

Timber 30.Dez13
TinkaBelle 26.Feb18

Toes 22.Sep16 Wdh.

Tonight 19.Jul15

Tornado 12.Feb17
Triple Mix 20.Feb17

Truck a Truck 03.Sep12
Tush Push 09.Mai15 Wdh.

Two Step 13.Mär17 Wdh.