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Scandalous 19.Juni16
Some Beach 03.Sep17
Someday 15.Feb16
Saturday Night 13.Dez15
Shadow Paartanz 14.Okt13

Shotgun House 04.Mär13

Shout Shout 19.Jul15

Sidekick Paartanz 01.Feb15

Silver Lining 09.Dez13
Silver Threads 27.Aug12 Wdh.

Simple 10.Dez18
Skiff -A- Billy Line Dance 22.Okt12 Wdh.
Slappin Leather 13.Dez15 Wdh.
Slipped & Fell 27.Apr13

Soft and Slow 28.Nov11

Somebody like you 14.Jun15

Something Good
Something In The Water 30.Apr12 Wdh.
Somewhere in Between 30.Dez19
Speak With Yuor Heart
Start The Car 11-Sep16 Wdh.

Sticks And Stones

Stop and Cafe 23.Feb15

Story 05.Feb18

Strong Bounds 25.Feb18

Sugar and Pai 22.Apr18 Wdh.
Summer Fly 11.Feb19 Wdh.
Summertime Sadness 27.Apr13

Swamp Thang

Sweet Home America 21.Nov16

Sweet Maureen 11.Dez17

Sweet Nashville

Sweet Sweet Smile 09.Sep13
Swinging Paartanz 05.Nov12